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Re: Regarding next X-Box and "always online"

To me, as stated before the whole "always online" thing isn't a huge issue. I bought an Xbox360, because it came out first. I then bought a PS3 when it came out and I wanted to play uncharted.

I'll get both of the next gen consoles, because fact is both will have games I want to play.

Curious strategy by Microsoft however, if they go through with this despite many not being happy about it. they made a dent the size of the Grand Canyon in Sony's market share this gen, why gamble? Simply go with what worked this gen, and put the effort into making some coups in terms of studio support.

Imagine if Microsoft waved enough money in naughty dog's faces, the PS4 would be dead on arrival without their exclusives.

Regardless, competition is always good for the consumer, so let's hope both produce good consoles.
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