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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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I may be alone in this, but it seems to me like Doctor/River is more of a 'best friends' thing. Two people who care a lot for each other, and maybe have even had a few nights of passion, but know it would never work out and just kind of enjoy the time they have together when they are together. I've been there, I know that feel. It isn't true love, and they're both aware of it, which adds to the melancholy that the Doctor can't help but bring to their relationship with his knowledge of how it ends for her. Plus, the 'marriage' was such a cop-out that I can't take it seriously.
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He's also, you know, married and stuff.
See above. The wedding was symbolic at most, while she is far from a consistent presence in his life and in many cases he is encountering a version from before said wedding. He may live the rest of his life without ever encountering a version of her that is 'married', and he certainly can't divorce someone who hasn't married him yet. At what point is he allowed to move on in your eyes?
Agreed. They're flirty and get a kick out of each other but their lives are too out-of-sync to be considered a real married couple. They had a chance to travel as husband and wife at the end of "Angels Take Manhattan", but she declined. There's only room for one psychopath at a time on the TARDIS she said.

And even if they are genuinely and truly married, what are the rules of said marriage? Perhaps Timelords are polygamists. Maybe a marriage is less about sex and more about a partnership in title and landholding. We mustn't apply rules from human culture to what is essentially an alien relationship.
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