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Re: David Gerrold's The Star Wolf

I don't think I could even finish MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, but I liked the others a lot. Except for the SharpLineArts guy being involved, which fills me with dread based on the TMP-DE and some limited interaction with him when that project was getting snarled up (it was delayed for the better part of a year because Paramount insisted the supplement stuff be recut -- it had been intended to release January 7, 2001 ... 1-7-01), I very much respect the people he has assembled for this project.

Having said that ... YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN (the first revision, around 1979 or so) is the Gerrold space project I've wanted to see, or make myself (yeah, like it THAT much.)

It was supposed to be made as STARHUNT around 1980 but that obviously never happened. I went through that book with a highlighter and there is already a good script there, potentially a great one. It features a VERY different Jon Korie, and a much different dynamic among the crew, but there are an awful lot of familiar names if you've read the WOLF books, and some of them seem like the same characters.

Does anybody else think Gerrold has missed his calling? I keep thinking he should have been doing a GALAXY QUEST TV series (that opinion's based on his hysterical KENNEDY ENTERPRISE alternate-reality story, where RFK runs MGM and, wanting to get mileage out of the old FORBIDDEN PLANET costumes, greenlights STAR TREK, but later arranges to have his has-been actor-brother John F. Kennedy replace Shatner on TREK -- firing Nimoy and bringing in Donald Pleasance as an android -- and the show goes through the roof in the ratings.)
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