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Re: Dukat and other thoughts while ending Season 5

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I'm going to watch all Trek this year. I burned through all 7 seasons of VOY in 2 months and am nearly finished DS9 in 1 month.
Dayyy-om! You're off to a good start, then. My best friend used to be staunchly anti-Trek when we were younger, and thought I was such a nerd for liking it. But a couple years ago, I convinced her to give it a chance, and now she and her husband have watched all of the series, and are going through TNG for the second time. I think Data is her personal hero.

I've watched all of them except ENT, and I'm remedying that right now. I watched the first two seasons when they first aired, but I lost interest. I don't remember much about it, but so far I haven't been too impressed with it. However, I can't just not watch a Trek series! It goes against everything in me.
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