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Re: Time (but not travel)

C.E. Evans wrote: View Post
instead, we go from stardate 2258.365 to stardate 2259.01
And really, if they're going to use this method, shouldn't it be 2259.001? Otherwise you have the odd situation where 2259.01 and 2259.010 are numerically equivalent in decimal format, but are distinct dates.

Albertese wrote: View Post
So, by the JJ-verse stardates, today would be 2013.120, this being the 120th day of the year. This is silly. It is totally different from how stardates work throughout the rest of the franchise. Also, if it's just the regular Earth date, then why bother calling it a stardate?
Yeah, seriously, this is basically just the Julian dating format we used to use in our old MVS mainframe. Who knew MVS was so futuristic?

Oh, wait, the MVS Julian format only had two digits for the year, right? Hence Y2K.
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