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ENTER - ENT AV Contest: 2 Days, 2 Nights/Lower Decks/Biographies

A recap of our last contest!

OK. Game over. Here are the results:

R. Star takes first place in the Minefield contest.

We have a tie for second with jespah and od0_ital

In the ENT Starships contest, jespah took first place with

this entry

followed by moi

In the Bridges contest we have a three-way tie, with od0_ital, Praetor_Shinzon and moi.

Orac takes second

Our new themes are as follows!

Episode: Two Days, Two Nights - The crew visits Risa and hilarity ensues

Theme: Lower Decks - below decks characters. These are people with either no lines or only 1 or 2.

Random: Biographies - Books, and/or the famous people that are their subject matters.

Good luck everyone!
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