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But I think it has to do with devolving Star Trek for mass consumption. Not that new people are joining the club.
And this is what's wrong with the trutrekkie mentality: they think they're in a club.

A wise person once said that the easiest way to prove that you're in a club is to keep someone else out.

Every Star Trek production ever was intended for "mass consumption." When Star Trek failed commercially, it was still being supported by ninety percent of dedicated Star Trek fans - but the general audience deserted it.

There is no place now, commercially, for theatrical films that cost what Star Trek costs to produce unless they're going to be big, big hits. Therefore the size of the audience the studio needs to reach has grown. These people are not less smart, nor do they have less taste than trekkies.

I swear to gods I haven't seen so many people react with such an offended sense of entitlement since Obama was first elected President in 2008. "I want my Star Trek back!"
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