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Re: So it's come to this-a petition to bring Star Trek back to TV...

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I'm sorry, I don't follow. Nemesis was a dud, and Enteprise didn't pull in ratings.... so the Original Series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and ST I - IX are failures?
Nope. But entertainment, much like any other business, carries a "what have you done for me lately?" mentality.

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There's plenty more to see in the Prime Universe.
As much as I love the Prime timeline, it's over. There's nothing left that I want to see and I think that's true of the fanbase as well which is why Enterprise and "Nemesis" failed.

If there is a new series, it probably won't be any time soon, and by the time it happens TV won't be dying, but dead. It'll be released on Netflix or a similar service, and if they want people to pay for episodes, they'll have to appeal to fans.
The end of Modern Trek has shown that the last thing you want to do is too overtly pander to the fans because you pretty much chase everyone else off and the fanbase isn't enough to keep the franchise afloat. If a new series is made, whether it be on a cable or streaming service, it will still be built with long-term syndication in mind which is where the studios make their profits. The Network model may be dying, but strip syndication is not and shows no signs of going anywhere for a long time.
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