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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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Just finished the first Doctor's story "Daleks."

It was neat seeing the Daleks for the first time, and I really do enjoy the first Doctor so far. However the story went on far too long, seven episodes seemed a bit excessive and it could have been compacted a bit more. I'm still bothered by the fact that The Doctor doesn't really feel like the central character yet. I understand that's not the shows fault since only two stories in they're still trying to find the rhythm of the show, it's just hard for me to get behind being exposed to the Doctor Who style of storytelling nowadays.
The first doctor is often missing as Hartnell's health deteriorated.

Sometimes he won't be in an episode at all.
There are multiple stories featuring the absence of some character or another. The Doctor is rather blatantly not in a couple episodes of "The Keys of Marinus" at all (despite the fact that he still gets top billing in them). Susan is missing from the middle episodes of "The Aztecs." Barbara took a couple episodes off in "The Sensorites." And William Russell took a 2 week vacation during "The Reign of Terror" but still appears in all the episodes thanks to some pre-filmed scenes of him in the prison.

The principle doesn't just extend to the William Hartnell years either. The regulars would often take a week or two off during production in the Patrick Troughton years as well. (Although, IIRC, the only surviving Troughton episode to not feature the Doctor is in "The Seeds of Death," and even then we still get to see Jamie & Zoe tending to an unconscious Doctor played by a stand-in.)

As for the Doctor not yet seeming like the lead on his own show, you kinda have to wait until the Patrick Troughton years for that. Seasons 1 & 2 were very much the Ian & Barbara show. And while the Doctor would become somewhat more assertive in Season 3, they still counted on Steven or Ben to carry much of the show.

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I watched The Time Monster. New Who has got to bring back TOMTIT, what a riot, that had to sound funny even at the time of release. The TARDIS inside the TARDIS inside the TARDIS was a lot of fun, the Master is just such a hammy villain. How OTT is it to launch a V2 at UNIT? Looking online, it seems this one is pretty hated but despite its flaws I thought it was entertaining.

They really didn't know what to make of "women's lib" back then, did they? So embarrassing, I wanted to shoot that wet drip lab assistant guy. Too bad one of the Doctor's stronger companions, Liz, didn't last longer even if that era airhead Katy Manning is cute as a button.
I think "The Time Monster" was a tragic missed opportunity to bring back Liz Shaw. She could have been the Master's unwitting assistant at the university. After all, she wouldn't know who the Master was because he didn't appear until the 1st story after she left.

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The two combined made me wonder if any companion was more perved over by the villains than Peri.
By the villains? No. By the fans? Take your pick. Although, it has been noted that pretty much anyone who ever flirted with Barbara would turn out to be a bad guy. But they still kept a respectful distance. Peri would get pawed and drooled over all the time. Even Shockeye's interest in her seemed pretty salacious, and he just wanted to cook her, not fuck her!

I've watched a lot of new stories since I last checked in on this thread. Of the new ones I've watched, the two that most stand out for me are "The Keys of Marinus" & "The Reign of Terror." They're both decent early Hartnell outings but nothing spectacular. Susan is rediculously useless here and screams more than I ever remember any other companion screaming before. And that's when she's not suddenly falling prey to some dreaded mystery illness she picked up in the French prison. And I can't say enough about how much I hate the animation in "The Reign of Terror," but I think I'll do a separate thread to rant about that.
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