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Re: They let me go....

I applied to EI (online) the day after I was let go and I stopped in to actually talk with them and to get my copy of my record of employment (which my former employer had already submitted electronically). Yes, my EI benefits won't start for about six months which is equivalent to the payout I got. Plus I have a little money saved. And fortunately my living expenses aren't extravagant. That means I'm not in an immediate panic situation forcing me to take the first McJob that comes along. I can make a plan to some extent.

This past week I've been a bit numb from it all. I did everything right, did everything asked of me and sometimes more. I made myself trusted, valued and integral. I was one of their strongest people. I did it all right...and none of it meant a damned thing in the face of "restructuring."
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