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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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By vandalism, do you mean they were causing actual damage to the toys? It seems like that's both a bold and stupid move to do in a public store.
Yes. Destroying the packaging and stepping on and damaging the figures after they fell out.

Here's what my friend said he saw the brat turd kid and his mom vandalize:

-Deleted Scenes Luke
-Sandstorm Leia
-Sandstorm Lando
-Colonel Cracken
-Mon Calamari Pilot
-Ratts Tyerell
-Bespin Han Solo
-Barriss Offee
-Rebel Fleet Trooper

Along with a few others in the Darth Maul 2012-style packaging, but he can't remember if they were Clone Wars, Movie Heroes or the Walmart-exclusive figures with the 3-D glasses.
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