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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Watching "The Ensigns of Command" right now... Make sure to pause and read the text of the Treaty of Armens when it's on screen. Someone had a little fun writing that...

Anyway, as for the episode itself, been years since I watched it last (probably not since I did my epic chronological viewing of all of Trek.) The story is serviceable enough, and I like all the scenes on board the Enterprise. The bit with Picard checking on the progress in the transporter room made me laugh, the ready room scene with Troi sounded a little prescient of "Darmok", and the conclusion of Picard's negotiations with the Sheliak is a total hoot (and great shot of the bridge plaque!) On the other hand, it's the colony scenes with Data that sort of pull down the episode because they're saddled with some really lousy guest actors. The design of the Sheliak is pretty cheesy as well.
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