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Re: Robert Picardo -- Best Male Trek Actor Next to Stewart

I thought the whole point of Twitter was so you'd instantly know when someone you followed had a really big burrito aftermath.

There's a local entertainment/nightlife group here in town that runs a website announcing events. When I tried to register, the first problem was the available years for Date of Birth didn't go back as far as mine. So I'm only 42 there, though I'm older than Picardo. The second problem was they wanted a cellphone so they could send back a code confirming you were a real person. I had to ask a friend to call the site for me, as I've not even handled a cellphone. Even Google/YouTube keeps trying to convince me with full screen notices to give them my cellphone number so they can send alerts.

I once had to carry a pager for a month, which meant being on-call 24 hours a day, until a replacement manager was hired for the department after the first abruptly quit. It was stressful for me (I had to take 2 days off after one was found), which is probably why I'm adverse to cellphones.

I do have a Facebook under an alias, but I've not checked it since last year.
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