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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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There were a lot of things I really liked about TOS-R. There were also a few things I didn't really like about TOS-R. I've got my copies of the remastered episodes to watch when I want to, and I also have my DVD box sets of the originals to watch when I want to. It's all good. Overall, I'm glad the remastering was done - the positives far outweigh the negatives.
I agree. I have both the 2004 original DVD's releases, and the 2008 remastered DVD's, and so, depending on what I'm in the mood for, I can see whichever version I want.

That said, there are actually, there were a few things I wish they'd changed that they didn't. Take "The Ultimate Computer", for example. I was disapointed that they didn't change at least one of Bob Wesley's fleet ships into a different starship class. Seeing a TOS-style Reliant, or Orberth, or something might have been interesting.

And, it's not like this is a George Lucas/Star Wars situation, where each change automatically super-ceds it's immediate predecessor, to become the "official version", and everything that came before is ignored.
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