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Don't underestimate boredom. If we lived in a world where you could do nothing all day except replicate breakfast and play in the holodeck, how long could you actually do that?

I'm sure there are some people who would be content to be idle, but most of us would go crazy with boredom after a few weeks. We have an instinctive drive to be active and useful.
But keep in mind that you wouldn't necessarily be idle and would have the freedom to engage in activities that interested you. If the resources and opportunities are available, then the sky would be the limit!

It's the need to work to make ends meet and the unhealthy power relations and work place politics, not to mention economic uncertainies, that we are still vulnerable to. Overcome these and a new situation emerges.

It's as anthropologist David Graeber describes:

"The struggle against work always been central to anarchist organizing. By this I mean, not the struggle for better worker conditions or higher wages, but the struggle to eliminate work, as a relation of domination, entirely. Hence the IWW slogan 'against the wage system.'" David Graeber - Fragments of an Anarchist anthropology.

or this:

"Especially if we bear in mind that it's not like anyone would be forced to stop working after four hours it they didn't feel like it. A lot of people do enjoy their jobs, certainly more than they would lounging around doing nothing all day (that's why in prisons, when they want to punish inmates, they take away their right to work), and if one has elminated the endless indignities and sadomasochistic games that inevitably follow from top-down organization, one would expect a lot more would. It might even turn out that no one will have to work more than they particularly want to." David Graeber - Fragments of an Anarchist anthropology.
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