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Re: Abrams: Into Darkness is a Bit Sexist (plus new 'sexy' TV spot)

I don't have a dog in this fight, and I really do see both sides of the issue, but I will point out that the thread directly under this one was about the premier in Berlin, Germany, complete with photos. Ms. Saldana is wearing a very short dress and very high heels. Ms. Eve is wearing a mostly-covering, but still slinky, red dress. Neither one looks like a slut, but the point is: take a look at the actress's photos, not just these actresses, but most of them, when they are dressing themselves and not being told what to wear for their role. You will find, more often than not, that they will choose to wear things that would be called objectionable and sexist if worn in the movies they are promoting. I guess it's not always a bad thing to try and deny human nature but you're still, well, denying human nature.
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