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Re: SFX's Top 5 Trek Moments

Safe choices, but not ones I can really disagree with.

My favorite ten less-obvious ones:

-Zek's speech about Gamma Quadrant in his first appearance.

I don't know the exact wording of the speech but it singlehandedly made the Ferengi from cartoon stereotypes into intelligent lassez-faire capitalists who counterpoint the Federation's high ideals. "Due to malicious lies spread by our competitors, people in this quadrant believe that we are not to be trusted!"

I wish they kept Zek that way instead of turning him back into a cartoon.

-Is there a Gene Luck Pickerd here?

Tapestry is my favorite Star Trek episode ever, I love the way Picard attacks his regrets with his so-called wisdom, and when Q interrupts him is one of the best comic moments of the series.

-Even for your wife?!

After seeing him for four years in DS9 it's easy to forget that with only the information we had in TNG, there was a strange logic to Worf/Troi that made that moment really work.


This is the first place you really see Kirk proudly display his balls.

-I love my work.

Major creep-out moment that sets the tone for one of the best TOS episodes.

-In A Mirror Darkly cold open


-I get to choose my method of execution. I choose...(Points to transporter)

I think that's the best tactically written moment of Enterprise, in one of the episodes that won me over to the last two seasons of the series after hating it based on the first two.

-Picard wipes his finger on the plaque

The moment in Ensigns of Command when Picard hangs up on the Shelliac and then delights in making them sweat.

-War is good for business

Dax: "Don't forget the (xth) Rule of Acquisition. Peace is good for business."
Quark "That's actually the (yth)."
Dax: "What's the (xth)"
Quark "War is good for business. It's easy to get those confused."

-I'll make it so easy a Vulcan can understand

Quark explains to a Vulcan terrorist using business logic how terrorism is illogical.

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