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Re: Your own personal continuity

Bashir and Ezri's relationship did not last. She broke up with him after she relaised that he was still in more love with Jadzia than with her. She moved on quite easily and flourished. Bashir soon realised that since most of his friends had left the station there wasnt much to keep him there and took some time off. He visisted Garak on Cardassia, got involved with helping out on the medical side of things whilst the Cardassians were recovering after the dominion war as well as getting involved with certain cardassian and ended up staying there for several years.

He eventually returned to earth and took up a teaching post at the same place O'Brien had a teaching post so their broship could continue. He ran into that woman who was in his class at the academy and valevictorian, they had a romance and marriage that ended in an amicable divorce he often looks after the kids when she is off on assignment exploring deep space. He and Garak remain very good pen friends.

Eventually he got bored of teaching and accepted an assignment on a deep space exploration vessel which Seven of Nine and her husband Barcley were also assigned to.

Having heard that female Ferengi were now allowed to wear clothes and earn profit Pel returned to DS9 to resume working at Quarks bar. Eventually he tried to fire her for sexual harasment only to end up accidentally agreeing to marry her but since he was in love with her anyway it didnt really matter.
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