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Re: The Official 'Guess the Doctor's Name' Thread

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I heard the Master in Last of the Timelords call an aged doctor that. I may have just mis heard him multiple times or maybe it means something else, but that's my guess.
Actually he called him "Gandalf," as a mocking reference to his elderly state.

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Is Clara Oswin an anagram of anything?
About 1224 things. Let's see... "Slow Crania?" "Alias Crown?" Hmm. "Clarion Was?" "A Carol Wins?" (Oh no, not another Christmas episode!) "A Slain Crow?" "Cola Wars In?" "Scan Raw Oil?" Oh, my -- "A Rani Scowl!" Or if you want something a little more kinky, how about "I Sow Carnal" or "Rascal I Own?" (There are some dirtier ones, but that's my limit.)

I think my favorite, though, is the metatexual "Arc Slain -- Ow!"

Although I'm constrained to point out that none of the three identical ladies we've met so far has been named Clara Oswin. In order of appearance, they've been Oswin Oswald, Clara Oswin Oswald, and Clara Oswald.
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