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The Valiant never seen....

In the arts forum aridas sophia launched a thread discussing what the Valiant referenced in WNMHGB could have looked like. He essentially sidestepped the design that appeared in the Star Trek Chronology and Encyclopedia to encourage discussion about alternate takes to the design. I couldn't help but put my two cents in and worked something up of a basic concept taking into account references from TOS and the sole two visual references we have of that period the DY-100 seen in "Space Seed" and the ringship seen in TMP) that bracket the era of the Valiant (basically the mid to latter half of the 21st century.

My approach was to basically ignore references after that that tended to try reflecting our reality into Trek's and more particularly TOS. And so my design is meant to look somewhat more advanced than anything we could hope to launch within fifty years or so just as the DY-100 design was far more advanced than anything we could have dreamed about in the 1990s.

Several years ago (and long before TOS-R) I ran a thread here in the TOS forum called Never seen TOS scenes depicting images of events, things, people and whatever not seen in TOS for some reason or other. I also included alternate versions of things we did see. So in that spirit I offer up some images depicting the saga of the lost Earth ship S.S. Valiant...

Stay tuned...
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