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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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I never know whether to take you seriously or not... Was this an episode? If so, awesome. If not, you should be writing for that show.

I could have accepted that the hospital tried to cover Izzy's idiocy in order to preserve their status. That absolutely no other staff member stepped forward to expose the mess was what was totally unbelievable.
Season 8 episode 13.

Here's some pictures and critical analysis

And here's the imdb listing

Back to reality (snigger.)

You'll recall that when questioned that all the medical students insisted (except Alex, who said "screw this") that it was they who cut the LVAD, and then Izzy gave the hospital 8 million dollars to start a free clinic, which has probably since been closed due to awful management and the many routine disasters the hospital attracts.

Dr Hahn (blonde lesbian number one.) when she found out about the LVAD wire (years/seasons later) because it directly impacted on one of her patients at her old in competition hospital went mental and started redemanding that everyone involved got fired.
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