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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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However far less far-fetched than the episode of Grey's Anatomy that had a doctor cutting the LVAD line of the patient she'd fallen in love with to move him to the top of the transplant list--and didn't lose her medical license in the process. That one really was beyond the Pale. And was the episode that turned me off medical dramas for good. I just can't suspend disbelief that much,
Last year Meredith Grey had a nightmare, that posited the existence of a mirror universe where her mother had left her father thirty years earlier to be with Chief Webber, who had raised her to be a good girl. Everything was skew. They were all hilariously ####ing the wrong people. Over lunch our heroes mention "Izzy" and the LVAD, but in this case they called her a crazy lady who Merideth had ratted out instantly, who was now still on the run from the law with Denny's missing bloody heart in a satchel at her side.
I never know whether to take you seriously or not... Was this an episode? If so, awesome. If not, you should be writing for that show.

I could have accepted that the hospital tried to cover Izzy's idiocy in order to preserve their status. That absolutely no other staff member stepped forward to expose the mess was what was totally unbelievable.

In the case of the Monday Mornings episode, they did go before a judge to sort this out, who was delighted about how confusing and fresh this case was... But then it was discovered that the suicide was not a suicide, and that a junkie had pushed a go gooder grad student off a roof and everyones opinions on everyone involved changed.
*sigh* Kelley wrote himself into a corner again. And kind of pulled a "Tuvix." Unfortunate...
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