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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I watched two things on this set already and teared up both times. The first was the Tribute to Michael Pillar, which was just amazing and genuine. Ira Behr's comments especially were heartfelt and personal and I almost choked up. Also loved hearing from the family about Pillar's life as a family man.

I then watched the end of Sarek (The Picard overtaken by emotions scene) and the picture quality really brought out just how powerful this scene was. It's dark, atmospheric, and so clear that it almost enhanced the dialog and Stewart's performance. I'm looking forward to watching the entire episode when I get to it, but I was watching the David Rappaport stuff (So glad they changed the actor by the way) and figured watch one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. It was beautiful.
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