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Re: Earth: Final Conflict (beware spoiler)

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I didn't really like the whole "born and grown before the credits" thing either, but I got over it. Interesting idea about promoting Lili. Of course, if they had done that and introduced Liam anyway, he'd probably end up becoming the lead anyway a year later when she was written off. I think that would have likely happened anyway, since it was Lisa Howard's choice to leave the show to focus on her family life.
Lily's character never worked for me. I don't know if it was Lisa Howard's acting skills, or the Direction she was given, but, the character always seemed so wooden to me, not natural at all (And I do like the Sinclair character in B5 who is often called wooden), so I was happy to see Renee take over her spot.
I know a lot of people are going to accuse me of uttering blasphemy here, but I found a lot about season 1 came off as wooden. Not just the acting, but the writing as well.
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