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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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Moral of the story:

Fans are, as per usual, way more concerned about how "canon" a work of tie-in fiction is than the actual licensors or authors.
Some fans.

I came to "Star Trek" fandom by way of the ST:TMP novelization. Those first few months, I'd try to pacify fans' angry complaints about the movie by suggesting that there were answers in the novelization. They just didn't want to know about it.

Ditto the "Star Trek Logs", when I found them. They filled in many, many gaps in the Filmation TAS episodes. And then, when the Pocket novels started coming out. I'd loved "The Entropy Effect", but so many ST fans seemed to be angrily resistant to reading things that "never really happened".

I actually convinced a few fans to read the ST III novelization during the six month delay between the US and Australian premieres. We went to see the movie and one complained, "They left out all the best bits!"
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