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Re: Would Spock make a good cop in real life?

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If Spock were real, would he make a good police officer?

Just think about it...

1. His logic would be an incredible asset in detective work.
2. A Vulcan nerve pinch could make "less-lethal" weapons unnecessary. A phaser set to "stun" could eliminate the need for deadly force and protect him from brutality lawsuits.
3. A Vulcan mind meld could help him determine a criminal's motive. It can be argued that this would violate Constitutional rights, but that's for another topic.
4. Vulcans can go for relatively long periods without sleep. This could help him solve more cases in a shorter time.

So would Spock be welcomed in a real police department?
I could see him in an investigator/csi type role. In a role where he had to interact with the general public... he'd probably be less effective.
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