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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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DalekJim wrote:
So like, a sheep has to have been in love to have made a baby sheep? A termite has to have been in love to have reproduced? Where the hell did you learn biology? From Walt Disney?
why do you compare the doctor to animals of low intelligence? do you think he's thicker than those chavs you moaned about a few pages back?

'the doctor can't fall in love because i don't want him to wah wah' is such a great arguement. how about backing yourself up with more than some random tangent about animals can't fall in love. fuck that. the doctors not some animal.
I might have bad news for you...

I don't think the Doctor's disposition's more alien from our point of view than that of a very eccentric human. His slightly different hardware allows him to have a lifestyle humans can't have but his disposition seems to be within human limits.

Psychotic crush kind of love was never part of the character in the first 26 seasons, but sometimes people change radically at a late point in their life especially when there's a crisis, and there was a Time-Lord sized one before Nine.

It's been interesting how it's led to doom and gloom in Ten and now with Eleven losing his companions, despite his attempts at self-control having been much more respectable.

DalekJim read your pm and say something
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