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Re: Pedantic Star Trek discussion #134: Riker's Field Commission

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Also, I watched most of DS9's "Emissary" the other day, and indeed thought it was pretty odd that Starfleet would assign a guy as unenthusiastic and undecided on his future career as Sisko to such a diplomatically and politically sensitive posting. Surely there were plenty of senior officers on hand as eager as Bashir to make a name for themselves out on the frontier...
I was under the impression that until the discovery of the wormhole DS9 wasn't considered diplomatically/politically sensitive, especially given that the Cardassians had withdrawn from Bajor and seemed to have lost interest in the sector.

It may be that the senior officers who were available to take command of DS9 weren't inclined to take command of a station in the state DS9 was in. Sisko, being a commander, would presumably have less wiggle room.

If you want to go with a subversive option, Opaka requested Sisko based on a vision from the prophets but asked that her request be kept confidential. That would be why he was of immediate interest to the monk in the temple on DS9.
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