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Evidently James Cawley spoiled the Khan thing on his Facebook timeline a little while ago and there's a big fan kerfluffle over it.
Is that what prompted this short video?
The date on the YouTube clip is from last July, so it seems unlikely.

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Both Pine and Pegg has described the action in the new film relentless. That doesn't sound good for those wanting more than mindless action.
That's why it's important to worry and prejudge movies based on what people say to the press rather than watching the movie.
How about we let the people who've already seen it contradict or expand on what the actors are saying, rather than attacking someone pointing out what they said.
I see no attack here (unless your translation of "relentless" into "mindless action" was somehow intended thus) and if ever you feel you actually are being attacked, I'd prefer you use the button on the post in question rather than making accusations in-thread.
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