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Re: 10 Things a New Trek Series Must Have

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Not to put too fine a point on it, but if what you all say is anywhere true (and it might be)...WTF did CBS buy Star Trek for in the first place. (leaves me scratching my head)
They didn't buy it, it was given to them when CBS and Viacom split up in 2006 and divided Paramount between them. CBS got the television division (which included ownership of Trek), while Viacom retained the movie division.

As the owner of Trek, CBS is well within their rights to use the property in whatever manner they see fit, including their present manner as something they can license out to others (such as Paramount) and make money that way without having to invest millions into a new TV series.
Sounds good... (part of the deal I guess) However, they must see something in the franchise worth hanging on to. I wonder if anybody has offered to buy the "rights" to Star Trek from them?
I doubt CBS would sell Trek to anyone else. If they did, they'd probably ask a very ridiculous sum for it to offset any potential future profits they could have if they kept it. I think the only company with that kind of deep pockets is Disney, but I think they went with something else recently...
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