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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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(An aside here... The only way current transplant law fits as a precedent for this case is in the cases of live donors. We cannot force a living donor to give up a portion of his or her body to save another--not even an identical twin--if the donor forbids it. No one can force you to risk your life to save another).
You are not quite right, the law in the US and Canada expressly forbid the use of anyone's body even after death unless permission has been given either by the person who gave permission before his death, or the permission of the next of kin afterward.
I'm aware of that. I am the widow of a transplant patient and I did my post-grad thesis in medical ethics in transplant medicine.

What I said is that the only current transplant medicine precedents that have any bearing on this episode would be live-donor transplantation (kidneys and portions of livers can be taken from live donors).

Tuvix is alive.
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