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Re: Regarding next X-Box and "always online"

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Of course with MS neither really confirming or denying the rumours about the next X-Box being always online. It's generating a decent amount of publcity(at least amongest potential consumers), all of it free.
It's pretty much made my mind up to switch back to playstation though (I've noticed a lot of people saying the same thing), so it seems a bit daft to let the rumours persist if they aren't true.

Why would you let the rumours continue if you weren't seriously considering it?
MS confirms either way, if it's not always online, then instead of people talking about the machine and writing articles about etc.. People aren't really talking about the PS4 instead they are talking the next Xbox and if it is always online. Sure they might be saying if the next Xbox is always online I'll get a PS4.
Well as a current xbox owner but not anyone with a particular preference my ball is firmly in the playstation court at the minute. Judging from comments i've read online and what my friends think (already had one my mate get rid of his xbox and just use his ps3 in anticipation of the next gen) i'm not sure it's the best thing they've ever done to let these rumours persist if they're not true.
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