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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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I am glad the Celtics were not swept small victories
I am glad the Lakers have 5 championships since 2000, instead of just one in the last 25 years -- "small victories".
With the way your team is going, it might be a while before you get another championship, unfortunately.
How so? Once we re-sign Dwight we'll have him, Kobe, Pau, as our core. Add Jordan Hill to that mix also. That is better than many teams, even spme of the younger ones.

Had we not been so beat up in the SA series, I bet that series goes to 7 games or the Lakers win it in 6. San Antonio is just not that good. In the last regular season meeting, because we had outside shooting and Dwight had more room to work, he pretty much threw Tim Duncan around like a rag doll.

People look at those last four games and are blinded a bit because we looked so bad. In reality, this team really only needs some small tweaks, like some more back court and small forward speed and scoring. Granted, filling those holes will be a challenge, but we've done it before and fully expect that the front office will do it again.

The issue that may continue as a negative is Mike D'Antoni.

BTW, what did I tell you aboiut Denver? I realize it's not over, but your boys have a chokehold on it right now
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