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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

I just got my issue of Science Fiction & Fantasy Modeller #29 today and just finished reading Gary Kerr's article. :thumbsup:

Lots of neat additional info---particularly in regards to painting details---that again many of us might not have been aware of.

Two things really come to light from these articles (SF&FM #26-29) and Gary Kerr's research: the original 11-footer wasn't as pristine as many might believe even when it was new and yet it could also be quite a bit more detailed than many might have believed.

After all is said and I done I'm really pleased with how this kit came out. The only caveat I have is that after all is said and done they would have done better to leave the gridlines off the kit and leave that detail to individual modellers to decide for themselves. Those who wanted the gridlines could have added them as they wished, but those who didn't want them would have been saved a great deal of extra effort and expense. 'Nuff said.

I bristle a little bit knowing they went with Greg Jein's rationale for starship registries because in the end Jein basically fanboyed it. I much prefer the Franz Joseph manner of reasoning and were I to build other ships I'd customize the decals to go with that.
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