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How about we let the people who've already seen it contradict or expand on what the actors are saying, rather than attacking someone pointing out what they said.
How about we stop drawing conclusions that aren't in any way justified by what they said? To describe the film's action as "relentless" in no way suggests that there's nothing more to the movie than action. That's just putting the most negative and pessimistic spin on a statement that can be put on it, and that's truly sad.

If pointing that out makes you feel "attacked" - well, that's not my concern.

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It is truly great to see Pine and Quinto have so much fun with it. For whole new generation these are the only actors to have played the iconic characters.

"Bones" McCoy was equally as integral to the original Star Trek, and Abrams gives our own Karl Urban plenty to do in Into Darkness but it would have been more faithful to the source to make this film about the classic triumvirate of the three characters.

Much is made, too, of Uhura's (Zoe Saldana) relationship with Spock - something only hinted at in one episode of the original series - The Man Trap.

In fact Uhura, who broke new ground in the 1960s as a black woman officer, gets plenty of action hero stuff to do in this film. Star Trek's late creator Gene Roddenberry would have approved.
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