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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Interesting that Aatrek was able to get Best Buy to match not only Target's price but also the $10 discount. If they really were the "best buy," they wouldn't have to do that. Best Buy really screwed up their pricing on this and got owned by Target.

I've watched through The Survivors already. Looks glorious.

And I must comment on how extraordinary an episode The Survivors is, better than the two preceding it IMO.

I'll credit that a lot to the performances put in by John Anderson as Kevin Uxbridge and Anne Haney as Rishon. I pause for a moment to remember them both as they are both deceased. In the story, Kevin made Rishon live again after the attack; with this bluray, we make John and Anne live again.

Apologies if I'm getting too deep.

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