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I think Cawley's approach is extreme, and reflects poorly on him as a person.
I'm very disappointed in Mr Cawley's seemingly total and angry rejection of Bad Robot's most recent effort, especially after JJ Abrams made him a part of the 2009 movie, IIRC - and "New Voyages"/"Phase II" itself had come under some very unfair and scathing criticisms from sections of Star Trek fandom, especially in its fledgling years, from fans who seemed to be jealous of the effort "New Voyages" were putting into their fanfilms when Jim's team first started - and I defended their right, as Star Trek fans, to make the episodes they wanted to be in, and to star in them themselves, despite the fact that many of the actors were fans and not professionally-trained. Their recent efforts have been incredible!

As soon as I read Jim's first public rant on rumours/facts he'd heard about "Into Darkness", I stopped dropping into his sites as often, because it made me feel so uneasy. Surely there's room in Star Trek fandom for many interpretations: Jim's fanfilm episodes, the amateur series and one-offs being made by many other groups, fanfic and fan art, the licensed tie-in games, books and comics, and Bad Robot's new timeline stuff. We don't have to love it all, but neither should we be so dismissive of others putting their own stamp on a little corner of the franchise.
I'm not surprised. It's time someone threw a Bad Tantrum in response to Bad Reboot.

OK sorry, sorry
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