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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I dread, dread the shot were Q takes Amanda out on the hull. On Video its hideous. And certainly the model isn't up for that close up to show real quality. One of the few model based fx shots that I hope is lost. For all the weaknesses of weekly tv CGI, I would much rather see work like ENT had on minefield when shown walking on the hull.
Yeah that effect does look pretty bad now, but I think CBS-D could still make it work. If you throw in enough shadow and really darken it up a lot, I think the shot could actually look really cool.
There are quite a few shots & effects that look bad now that I will be interested to see how CBS approach.

There's the shot in Future Imperfect where Riker dissolves from the Enterprise to the Romulan prison which is a very obvious blue screen effects shot, the shots in the Next Phase with Ro running through the walls, the energy aliens in Time's Arrow, the CGI Riker being pulled through the hole in Schisms and who knows what CBS are going to do with the sock puppet aliens in Realm of Fear. It's going to be tough to make them look any scarier. And lets not forget the creature in Aquiel. I will be interested to see how those shots turn out.

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