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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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What else does Robert Beltran have to do these days?
To be fair, I believe he does quite a bit of stage acting these days.
He`s been on stage several times- in LA, San Francisco, Miami (always in leading roles).
In February he has been at Tuscon Song Festival to play Astor Piazzolla in an interesting Musical.
This time he`s shooting a movie called "Brother Jonas"
Here`s the trailer
In June he will do a movie called "Resilient" together with Virginia Madsen.

Point taken. I just think it might be really interesting to hear the cast talk about their time on Voyager in the same way the TNG cast has. It might be some of the most negative special features to appear on a Blu Ray set but it would be fantastically candid.
I don`t think that there will be more negative special features. There are many conventionclips or transcripts where the cast talked about how much they liked working on Voyager and how much they liked working together.

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