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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Very clever, since they completely abandoned Charlie as a main character, that they snuck in the teenage love triangle flashbacks to hit that demo hard.
I gotta say, I'm not that interested in Tracy Spiradakos as a main character, and don't particularly need her to be part of a teenage love triangle for this show. I'm guessing the producers feel the same way, so they had to throw in a Miles/Monroe/random chick of the week.

Which by the way makes no sense. I think they need to check their timelines. Was this like 10 years before the blackout (clearly, they went with young actors instead of Burke and whoever plays Monroe, like in the pilot)? This kid is only 11? The blackout happened 15 years ago? WTF?

Oh, and I liked how Emma dyes her hair blood red. Because that's easy to do with no electricity.

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I like how like how the Georgian asshole (The jerk store just called and told me they were running out of him) shot the girl once, and when she fell to the ground exposing General Monroe completely nobody bothered with a follow-up shot. Or for that matter nobody on the Monroe end returned fire in a timely fashion. Ugh...
Charlie: "I was gonna do it. Really, I was. I was gonna shoot him."

Well then GODDAMN DO IT already!!!
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