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It's not essential for the movie actors to participate in a hypothetical animated series. The Clone Wars, for one, proved that.

So if there were a Trek cartoon based on the Abramsverse, there's no guarantee it would get many or most of the films' cast. Probably Pine and Saldana are too big to be available or affordable. Cho and Yelchin seem to be rising stars too, so it's hard to say. Pegg might be willing; he has voice-acting experience.
You are probably correct, but I'd like to think that everyone would be available and willing to do their voiceovers. Even if a season's worth of half-hour animation was say 20 episodes - if the scripts were all set in advance, I'd like to think people could voice all their lines in a few days at most. Coming up with a fee would likely be the biggest sticking point. Wishful thinking, I know, but what the hell, eh?
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