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Re: "The best and most influential Trek series"

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Romulans did nothing more on DS9 than they did on TNG, TOS or ENT.

Klingons were stupid gorillamen and drunks mostly. Even Kor who was serious and militant became a trope. Gowron who had intellect and courage in TNG became a spoiled and incompetent character for the sake of conflict on DS9 leading up to the Dominion War, and died a trope.

Cardassians were little more than epic trolls to the DS9 crew prior to the Dominion War. Always finding some way to f*** with our heroes every other week as if they didn't have a government to run.

The Bajorans preachy religiousness was pushed to much and to far in the viewers face. They were annoying, bratty and thought the universe revolved around them. TOS, and TNG showed us the universe is full of different species every week. DS9 camped down and we actually got to learn about one. I personally couldnt care less about the Bajorans.'re saying you're a Cardassian?
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