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Re: Abrams: Into Darkness is a Bit Sexist (plus new 'sexy' TV spot)

He said that everyone, male or female, who is not Kirk and Spock is by nature of the large cast more of a supporting player in the film, and that we (general we) should always be conscious of expanding and improving roles for women. Nowhere did he say the film was sexist. He was agreeing with the interviewer's question in the broader sense and saying he hopes to have better and larger parts for women in the films in the future, while saying that any deficit in this or the previous ST film is because of the larger focus on Kirk and Spock, not because of anything against Saldana or Eve.

Also, he correctly pointed out that the Uhura of his ST films has been given a much more prominent and important role in terms of duties, dramatic significance, and screentime than the Uhura of the original series. Wasn't there a thread here not too long ago either complaining or praising (I'm not sure which) that Uhura has essentially bumped McCoy from the "Big Three" and taken his place? I'm not sure how accurate everyone else feels that is, but Saldana surely has as major a role as Urban and has replaced him in serving as the moral compass in situations between Kirk and Spock on some occasions.

Also, while Eve is indeed prominently featured in her underwear in the trailers, so was Kirk in the previous movie's trailers, and he is back in his underwear again in this film, albeit not in the trailers. There's partial nudity for everyone. I will grant that seeing her in her underwear and screaming in the trailer are not great strides for women in film, but that's only what they cut things down to in the trailer to grab your attention. In the film she's a scientist and plays a moderately important role in the plot, so it's more than just screaming and getting undressed.
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