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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Why the hell do you bring something like that when you're fleeing a dying world?

Unless it's a weapon or very very tasty or necessary for medical resources or religious practices?

Somebody frakk's those things, and it's a stupid game if you can't frakk it.

If that bugger was in Grand Theft Auto you could frakk it.
I asked something similar about the spider wolf pack in the pilot and even provided an ark explanation that humanity would include salt water crocs and fire ants after the environmentalist had their say. The game players then informed me that they were mutants evolved from the out of control terra forming. My question about mutant humans with super powers has gone unanswered. But now the daughter deputy seems to have a super power.

edit to add or nobody got my Joker versus Ace reference.
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