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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x12 "The Royale"

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Gene wasn't this savant, and he wasn't some immortal visionary. Gene had serious faults, even when envisioning his own production.
You're preaching to the choir J. Some folks here take Gene's vision of Star Trek more seriously than others. And while I'm grateful that some of Star Trek was able to get away from Gene's poorly thought out visions, especially the "no conflict at all costs" crap amongst our main characters.

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No, that's a good kind of closing, because it left things open for future exploration.
Having an episode set up something that will be explored later on in the series is always fun and promising, but here's the thing. You've got to actually pay off your set up. Despite the many stupid moments in "The Neutral Zone", the episode did set up a mysterious entity that was destroying outposts which would later be revealed to be the Borg in "Q Who", so it's not a complete waste.

"The Royale" on the other hand is a complete waste. It's not an episode that the writers looked back on and said "I can't wait to see where this idea goes", it was a one shot episode that nobody on the writing staff gave a crap about because all they wanted was an episode with our characters inside a Casino. No more and no less.

What makes this story out of place even for TNG is that our characters don't understanding basic things like "push button" elevators or "Room Service". This is a crew who are onboard a ship that has a HOLODECK. A room that recreates situations like The Royale in a more accurate manner and they're acting like they've never experienced such a simulation before.
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