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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

Professor Zoom wrote: View Post
Oh... You don't believe in those... LOOM things, do you?
Yup. Fucking love Lungbarrow, Marc Platt's writing and the Virgin New Adventures range in general.

Of course, the Looms have absolutely nothing to do with romance one way or the other and you'd know that if you had indeed read the books you're referencing. It's just a strange, alien way that Time Lords reproduce, which is fine as they're aliens and shouldn't have the same biology and mating culture as us.

DalekJim wrote:
The Doctor shouldn't have a love story as it's a betrayal of the character.
junxon wrote: View Post
dumbest thing i've read on here for weeks.
OK slick, that's a bold way you start your post. Let's see where you go with this, don't say something hilariously ill-informed now..

the doctor must've been in love once to get that grandchild.

So like, a sheep has to have been in love to have made a baby sheep? A termite has to have been in love to have reproduced? Where the hell did you learn biology? From Walt Disney?
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