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Is This The Next Doctor?

So, while there's been lots of rumors that Matt Smith will be leaving at Christmas, helped by the fact the when asked in interviews he won't commit himself to anything beyond that point, up until now there haven't been any actualy names being floated for his replacement.

But now there's one. Ben Daniels; a name that I expect has just elicited a "Who the hell's that?" from most of you. (It certainly did from me.)

You have probably seen him before though, just not in any flashy leading roles. And that's what makes an interesting choice to throw out there.

We could all put together a realistic sounding list of candidates for the part but I don't think any such list would have had his name on it. And if someone is needed to shoot a Regeneration Secene in September they'd be cast round about now.

Obviously the name could have been picked by a hoaxer precisely because he's not an obvious choice or he could just turn out to be this year's Patterson Joseph but if it does turn out to be correct than it would be a move away from the last two inhabitants of the role back towards a more traditionaly Doctorish actor.

Time will tell.
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