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Re: Last time you had something dry-cleaned?

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I wash almost everything else. I figure if my stuff cannot withstand my washing machine I don't want them.
Damn right. Garments that can't stand up to machine washing deserve to die. It's Laundry Darwinism!

I also don't believe in segregating my laundry. I just throw the white things and colored things in one big washload and let the clothes sort it out for themselves.
I very much agree with everything in your post.

My mom never separated out whites and colors either, so maybe I'm just used to the "dingy" white as the other poster put it. Though I hardly own anything white at all, almost all of my clothing is purple.
And I have my laundry-separating mother to thank for my need to separate my whites from coloured clothing. It's very much what you're used to, isn't it? I should also point out that my kids wear white shirts/blouses as part of their school uniforms, so we wash a lot of whites. I hardly own any white clothing myself, though, as I'm guaranteed to spill something on myself whenever I'm not wearing dark clothing. Some days I seriously need a bib. Oh, and ditto on lots of purple clothing.
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