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Re: Will anyone here be reading "Countdown to Darkness"

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Canon debate in regards to the comic spinning webs and webs of details that are never in or referenced in the movie.
It's not a "canon debate" at all. Live-action, onscreen details overrule anything a tie-in might suggest.

In Roddenberry's novelization of ST:TMP, Kirk has an ex-wife called Vice Admiral Lori Ciana, who dies with Sonak in the transporter accident. In the movie itself, it's simply an unnamed woman.

In Vonda McIntyre's ST II novelization (and in numerous other comics and novels), Saavik is half-Romulan. In the film, she may well be full Vulcan - and, indeed, Director Nimoy recast the actress for ST III, and made the new version of the character more Vulcan-acting than other Vulcans we'd seen before.

No "debate", just easter eggs that are possible in a tie-in to enhance the enjoyment of the parent product, for those less-than-1% of the general audience who buy them.
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