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Re: How Big is the Eye of Harmony? (spoilers Journey to the center TAR

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True, but I'm also pretty sure it was described as infinite in the classic series, too.
I just searched Chakoteya's Doctor Who transcript site for the word "infinite" (by googling "infinite site:"), and didn't find any such instances. No luck with "endless" or "limitless" either.
Hm, maybe I'm misremembering. I want to say it was during the Tom Baker era because I think it was a reference prior to Castrovalva when The Fifth Doctor ejects a percentage of the TARDIS (and, come to think of it, also sometime before Romana gives the TARDIS an approximate weight).

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Anyway, people often use "infinite" figuratively to refer to things that are mathematically finite but vast enough to be effectively limitless from the observer's point of view. Actual infinity is a rather untenable concept when it comes to physical reality anyway. It's easy to say the word, but harder to grasp its true meaning or ramifications. So it's always best to be skeptical when you hear anyone using the word.
Quite right and I recognize that it's quite difficult to properly grasp the full meaning of "infinite." But considering how crazy some of the concepts Doctor Who has over the years, I'm willing to swallow the idea that perhaps the TARDIS interior is infinite.
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